Safety measures when you see a tow truck working

Tow trucking companies provide a vital service.  They are helping stranded drivers in a time of emergency or distress. It can be frustrating if you are caught in traffic behind a slow-moving tow truck but there are some things you need to keep in mind for your own safety, and that of others.  In Ontario it is the law and when you see a tow truck, or any emergency or stopped vehicle then

  • Switch Lanes

If possible, move to an inside lane will give the tow driver more room to maneuver and you will avoid hitting them or another vehicle.  If switching lanes is not possible, do your best to navigate around them giving as much leeway as possible.  You also want to keep your vehicle and passengers safe in the process.

  • Slow Down

If you can’t move over then make sure to slow down.  It seems obvious, but it is worth remembering.  There will be people moving around alongside the road.  In fact, this warning applies to any type of emergency assistance you may come across.  Besides, it is simply courteous.  Slowing down by 20% of the speed limit is the recommended reduction.

  • Don’t gawk

Keep focused on your own driving.  There will probably be other cars on the road and you want to be sure you do not become the victim of another accident.  Safe driving is always a priority and caution is the watchword when you see a tow truck up ahead.

When you remain calm and continue to drive carefully, negotiating around a tow truck helping another driver should be a piece of cake.  Emergency responders and tow truck drivers are there when you need us.  Make sure to drive safe and responsible.  Every year operators are injured and killed on the roads so please drive safe!