Out of Gas Refueling

Sometimes it’s a faulty gas gauge, or maybe simple inattention, but it can happen to the best of us…running out of gas.  But we admire your sense of adventure and on the bright side now you know exactly how far your car can go after that light comes on!

All jokes aside, there are several options and here are a few.

Pullover in safe spot and park

When you start to hear the sputtering, pull over to the side of the road.  If it is a busy thoroughfare, turn onto a side street.  In any event, get your car and yourself into a position of safety.  Turn on your hazard lights.

Call for assistance

  • Roadside assistance through an automobile club will offer to refuel your car.
  • You can also call a towing company like Towing Toronto. We offer a refuelling service where we deliver gas to your location. Just let us know where you are and what octane or type of fuel you need.
  • Phone a relative or friend.  They can either bring you a gallon of gas or at least drive you to a gas station where you can get some.

Don’t Try And Start Your Car…

Use the apps on your phone or GPS system to locate the nearest gas station.  If it is within safe walking distance, go ahead.  Think of it as the day’s workout.  Only walk if it is prudent.  Don’t ever cross or walk along the side of highways or freeways.  Don’t walk along dark or deserted roads.

Never try and start your car with an empty tank.  Your gas is used as a lubricant for the car’s fuel pump and trying to start your car on empty can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

If you don’t have a friend who can help or a gas station isn’t within walking distance you can give us a call.  We will happily deliver a few litres so you can be back on the road where you can fill up your tank.  For fast fuel delivery service call Towing Toronto 647-812-1477