Roadside Service Programs

Roadside service programs are available through your insurer or through independent companies.  Benefits and assistance packages vary.  Before signing on the dotted line and writing a check, you should review the list of available services and pick the package that offers you the best deal for what you want.  Make sure your roadside assistance provider gives you the best value!

Each package should contain at a minimum the following:


If your vehicle is damaged to the point it cannot be driven, or if you are in a condition that would not allow you to drive, a tow service is necessary.  A tow service will transport your car or truck a specified number of miles.  If you need it to go beyond that distance, they will comply, but it will cost you extra.  Read the fine print as to what distance you are going to get included often times the basic membership is under 10km.


A jumpstart is a process to restart your battery when it is dead.  This option is critical if you own a standard vehicle.  If you own an electric vehicle, check your owner’s manual since these operate differently from a combustion engine.  Hybrids also won’t need this service unless there are more serious issues with the engine.

Flat tire

Flat tires are one of the most common roadside problems and are generally covered by assistance packages.  The service includes removal of the damaged tire and replacement with the spare.  This service is not available for motorcycles too.  People often overlook this service because they think it is an easy service but without the right tools it can be very difficult and in some situations, it can be very dangerous too.

Locksmith and Lockout

Lockout is when a service representative helps you open your car.  A locksmith is if the professional is unable to open the car.  Be sure that both are covered.

Fuel delivery

This is particularly helpful when you run out of gas in some remote spot.  Some policies have a flat fee plus a charge for the gas.  The cost of the fuel itself will depend on the pump price.

Our car concierge service is available to people who are drinking and want their car towed home.  Some of the bigger roadside services companies are now offering this service as well which is pretty cool.  Keep in mind it will use one of your annual tow call outs.


Alas, most people do not have a prepaid roadside assistance package and that’s why they call us. Towing Toronto has a vast network so there is a tow truck near you.  Give us a call for any of the needs mentioned in the article.  Call us 647-812-1477