Phone usage while driving

Despite warnings, there are still many people who continue to use their phone, or text, while driving.  This illegal activity puts the driver and others in danger.  If you observe this behavior, there are several things you can do.

  • Notify the authorities

If the driving is erratic and you truly feel the offending driver is a danger to themselves or others, notify the appropriate authorities.  You should, of course, pull over to the side of the road to make that call, unless you have a passenger able to do it.  Note the offending driver’s license plate and vehicle description and where they are travelling.  It would be hypocritical to report someone for distracted driving while doing this yourself.  Make sure you use a voice assistant or have a passenger to make the report.  Police do follow up with calls like these so lets help educate people and drive safe.

  • Defensive driving

Keep your distance.  Don’t try to speed ahead and overtake them.  If the phoning driver suddenly brakes or swerves, you could be in danger yourself.  Give them plenty of room and when appropriate move away from them.

  • Avoid altercations

Road rage is all too common.  The only person you can control is yourself.  Keep calm and do not become distracted by their actions.  Practice safe driving in order to avoid accidents and other dangers inherent to today’s traffic patterns.  Protect your own vehicle and personal safety, don’t get angry just move on and drive safe.

  • Give them space

Like we mentioned, allow extra braking and driving room around the other vehicle until they have finished their call or are out of your area.

  • Line of sight

Assume the other driver is not aware of your presence.  Drive defensively but not aggressively.  Its best to stay behind a distracted driver but if you have to pass them do so with caution and make sure you have plenty of room to react in front of you while doing so.

Safety is always the priority.  Remaining alert and cautious can only benefit you, your passengers and others on the road.  If you were involved in a collision as a result of a distracted driver then call Towing Toronto to come to help you out!  We are open 24 hours a day.  647-812-1477