Private party impound program for businesses

If you are a business owner and have noticed a problem with non-customers taking advantage of your parking area, you may want to consider a private party impound program.  This is a legal option that will allow you to have unauthorized vehicles towed away.  We offer parking lot of service and corporate towing so there is ample parking for your customers and patrons.

  • Control the problem

There are companies that help you control unauthorized parking by monitoring your lot.  That entity will then have the offending vehicle towed to an impound lot.  The owner of the vehicle will need to claim their car from impound and pay an additional fee for illegal parking.

  • Image

There are individuals who, without your permission, will leave their vehicles in your lot advertising them for sale.  With an impound program, you can have the vehicle towed as abandoned.  Depending on the circumstances of the tow we can ever do it for ‘free’.

  • Safety

Vehicles can be left in lots for various reasons.  Sometimes the cars have been stolen or used in the commission of a crime.  By removing those vehicles, you are making your private lot safer and giving your customers convenient parking to your business.  If you think a vehicle has been stolen call the Toronto Police to do an investigation.

  • Fire Lanes

Obstructing fire lanes is illegal.  It prevents firefighters and other emergency vehicles from assisting in times of crisis.  A private impound program will keep any fire lanes clear and keep you in compliance with the law.  Usually tows like this are left to the city however but in emergency situations, we have moved vehicles before.

  • Enforcing the rules

As a business owner, it is important for you to observe order.  If you have repeat offenders, and you have politely asked them to move, again and again, you may have a towing company remove the vehicles.  You need parking available for your customers so if you need a car towed from the private property you can call towing Toronto to help.

Before initiating an impound towing process, be sure to check all municipal and provincial rules and regulations or even consult with an attorney to be sure you are well within your rights and this will be a legal maneuver.  If your business needs a solid relationship with a local towing company call us and we’ll gladly be on your speed dial.  647-812-1477