Prevent damage from towing

You are understandably upset.  Something has happened and you are waiting for a tow service to arrive.  Here are some things to remember to prevent any further damage from the towing process itself.

  • Release the emergency brake

If your car is going to be towed using the standard two wheels on the road, be sure the emergency brake has been released.  If the vehicle is an automatic transmission and is in the park gear, be sure that the non-driving wheels are on the ground.  Manual transmission cars are fine to be towed on any wheels in park, as long as the brake is off.  Using a flatbed, brakes are less of an issue since no wheels are on the ground.  However, it is still best to have the emergency brake off while the vehicle is being hoisted.  A good tow truck driver will be able to guide you through the process.

  • Roll up your windows

Keeping the car or truck windows closed will prevent any dust, dirt, or other debris from blowing in and harming your upholstery.

  • Take photographs

It is always a good idea to take shots of your car to show its position and any damage from the accident.  This will be helpful for insurance purposes.  While it is unlikely that more damage would occur during the tow, it is just a good idea.  Most cell phones have a photo capability, so you have a camera ready for the job.

  • Lock the Glove Box

Locking the glove box is always a good idea.  If someone ever breaks into your car they can gain access to your address (via insurance), criminals know you aren’t home and can lift your garage door opener to gain entry into the home.  If you are getting towed put anything valuable in the glove compartment and lock it using the ignition key.

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