Opening a car when locked out

Accidentally locking your keys in the car makes you feel foolish and frustrated, especially when your spare key is elsewhere.  Vehicles have different types of locking and unlocking mechanisms.  Check your owner’s manual for information about your make and model.  You may need to call a professional, or not.  Here are some options if you are able:

  • Old School

Using a straightened coat hanger with a loop or hook on one end, insert the looped portion into the rubber that surrounds the window.  When you feel the door button, loop the hook around it and pull upward.   Be very careful to not damage your paint as this method is not condoned or approved by Towing Toronto, but in a pinch it can work very well.

  • Through the trunk

If you can open the trunk, someone can crawl through by removing the back seats then simply unlocking the doors from within! You could have hidden a spare key in the trunk.  But that would be adding salt in the wound and we won’t do that.

  • Call a professional

Locks that are recessed inside the door handle will need professional attention.  Call a tow company for assistance.  Their drivers have several different types of tools that can open a door without damaging it.  Using an air bladder the door can be pried open just enough so we can physically unlock the car.  Another method is using a tool commonly referred to as a slim jim that slides down between the door and the glass, where a car locksmith can move the lock mechanism.

  • New remote opener

For cars that have digital keys or electronic door openers, the only alternative is for you to have the vehicle towed to a dealership for them to order a new key.  This will probably be expensive, but then you will have a second alternative for the next time.  Our drivers will know the cheapest place to get a new key fob made (not the dealership) and since you will need to be towed there anyways, its a good place to start.

  • Override switch

There are some vehicles that come equipped with override switches.  If you are lucky, this will allow you access.  Check online if your car make and model have one and consider it your lucky day!

It goes without saying that it is best to hide a spare key using something like those small, magnetic key boxes.  They adhere to metal and you can put them in a hidden area but where the risk of it falling off is unlikely.  If all else fails call Towing Toronto for a locksmith to come to your location when you need us 647-812-1477