Proper Tire Inflation

One of the most common roadside calls is to help with a flat tire.  It can be a blowout, or the tire falling apart, or just running over a screw or nail that deflates it.  Many of these things cannot be avoided, but checking your tires regularly will help prevent slow leaks or worn tread.  Keeping tires properly inflated is another way to improve your chances to avoid a call to the tow truck company.  Some of our tire roadside services involve assisting with changing a tire as well.

  • Reduce wear and tear

If your tires are not inflated to the proper volume, they will begin to wear out quicker and sometimes unevenly.  With proper air pressure, there is even weight distribution and the tires will last longer.  This can be made worse by having 1 of 4 tires underinflated.  In a scenario where the tires are at different pressures will result in increased drag, reduced fuel economy and a significantly reduced tire life span.

  • Better handling

Improperly inflated tires will struggle to maintain even traction.  This means braking will take longer than you may expect.  If your car or truck does not respond properly, you could be headed for an accident.  Harder tires although offering better performance will create a harsher ride.  Depending on your driving style adjust the tire inflation to the style in which you prefer but always stay within the manufacturer’s recommendation found in the owners manual or just inside the driver side door jam.

  • Improved mileage

It has been shown that properly inflated tires greatly improves the mileage you get from a tank of gas.  In order to make fewer stops at the gas pump and save a few dollars along the way, keep your tires at the proper levels.  With the new carbon tax in Ontario, Toronto drivers could use a discount on gas and increasing fuel efficiency is the greatest way to achieve this status.

  • Reduced emissions

The lower pressure of underinflated tires will have an effect on the efficiency of your engine performance.  More power will be required to support the engine operation and it will in turn work harder, producing more emissions.  In 2020 who don’t want to keep the environment cleaner?  Keeping tires in good condition helps the environment and that is something Toronto can be proud to support.

Whether you are just after a smoother ride or want to save some money on fuel economy, the simple act of regularly checking tire pressure benefits your vehicle, your wallet plus your passengers.  If you need a tire change after a blow out – call for Towing Toronto Roadside Assistance at 647-812-1477