Saving money on tows

When your car has broken down, you are probably going to be annoyed at the least.  Not only is there a problem that needs to be resolved, but you also need to call for a tow to add to the expense.  There may be some opportunities to save a bit on that cost if you know what to do:

  • Credit card company

Many credit card companies offer an incentive to become a customer by offering free roadside assistance.  The benefits may vary from only a reduced price or a limited number of call-outs before you are charged.  Call the toll-free number on the back of your current card.  If you are considering a new credit card, that may be something you should consider before committing.

  • Auto insurance

Some policies allow you to add towing and breakdown service as part of your insurance coverage.  There will probably be a small fee involved but it will probably be less than what you will save.  Know your policy in advance and be ready to send the bill to your insurance company.  We do offer insurance billing if your company is footing the bill, call us.

  • Shop Ahead

It is a good idea to do some advance shopping.  Make calls now to find out the best rates and services available in your area.  Program the number into your phone so it is ready if you need it.  Make some calls to your insurance agent and friends for recommendations and discounts that may be available.  Also if it is not an emergency try using email

  • Auto Clubs

Auto clubs offer a cafeteria plan for their services.  You don’t need to accept all they have to offer, but at least check out the cost of roadside services and towing charges.  The auto club will charge a fee for this benefit, but it will probably be lower than the full charge for a tow service.

There is almost always a way to save money on services if you do a little preplanning and make preparations so you won’t need to improvise on the spot.  Call Towing Toronto for an affordable rate on towing service 647-812-1477