Electric Vehicles and Roadside Assistance

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular because of their reduced emissions coupled with lower running and maintenance costs.  Manufacturers are constantly improving the vehicles and offering them into the market place.  Despite the innovations and progress, EVs still have problems.  Like any mechanical device, they are subject to general wear and tear as well as external factors that will come into play.

Battery charge

The most common ailment of an electric car is the battery has run down.  It is sometimes difficult to locate a charge station and drivers will need roadside assistance to get back on the road.  We can tow your a charging station so you can top off your EV battery.

Dead battery

The lithium-ion battery has been greatly improved and the technology for EVs continued to evolve, but at some point, it will need to be replaced.  If you are driving an older EV, this may happen sooner than the newer models.


Just like any other type of vehicle, brakes will need to be tended to.  An advantage to an EV is their regenerative braking system will slow the deterioration.  However, at some point pads and rotors will need to be replaced.  If there is a breakdown, don’t hesitate to contact a tow truck for safety.


Many electric vehicles are heavier than traditional combustion engine cars simply because their battery weighs more.  This will, in turn, put more pressure on the tires.  Compound this with general wear and tear or an unexpected object causing a puncture, and you will need our roadside assistance.  Electric cars have a lot of improvements over regular gas cars but no vehicle is safe from a flat tire!


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