Tow truck driver challenges

No job is without its challenges.  Being a tow truck driver may seem pretty straightforward.  You are dispatched to a call.  You arrive and help the other party.  You return to the station or move on to the next call.

In reality, there are a number of occupational hazards that a tow driver faces on a regular basis.

  • Navigating the roads

Roads can be dangerous for vehicles with the number of potholes, amount of debris and even the occasional wild animal.  Beyond operating a standard vehicle, imagine controlling a large tow truck.  Tow truck drivers develop a strong sense of awareness of the surface of the road as well as the surroundings.  They are aware of the risks and take appropriate precautions.

  • Weather

With appropriate concern for those drivers stranded with car problems, the tow truck driver must become adept at working all times of the day or night and in all kinds of weather conditions, including ice and storms.  You can realize the danger of driving in poor weather conditions.  Consider how more difficult it is hauling another vehicle behind.

  • Other drivers

Remaining safe during job performance is certainly the highest priority.  Poor drivers or those not paying enough attention, can hit the tow truck, or worse, the driver.  There is always the risk of injury or fatality working on the side of a highway or road.

  • Fatigue

Tow companies offer their service 24/7, which means someone must always be available.  Smaller enterprises will have fewer employees so those drivers may be involved in more shifts. Doing any job tired puts people at risk and when operating 1-50 ton equipment it is a serious danger.

  • Irate customers

Some tow companies take contracts to deal with the repossession of vehicles from owners who have missed payments.  Sadly, this can result in violence that a tow driver should not have to experience.

Towing Toronto has some of the most talented drivers in the city.  When faced with adversity they are trained to overcome. We hope that you choose Towing Toronto for your next towing service call.  Call us 647-812-1477