Careful Who You Trust

Don’t trust Towing service from any Unsoliscited Towing Company…

You have had car trouble and you are relieved to see a tow truck arriving to help.  There are some safety precautions you should take to be sure the tow service is legitimate and will not try to swindle you in some way.  Often times these people don’t care about repeat business and only want to extract a lot of money from you the customer.  Only use a towing company you called, requested and make sure they provide proof of who they are.

How To Protect Yourself

Get Details when ordering a tow

When you place the initial call for service, be sure to ask the dispatcher for details.  Find out the name of the driver and license plate number and write them down.  You can then check those details to be sure this is the person you are expecting.

Verify details

Since you have the driver’s name and plate number, check them out.  Look at the signage on the side of the truck and ask for the driver’s ID.  If none of these agree with the information you have, refuse service.  Lock yourself in your car and wait for the service you ordered.  You may want to call your tow service to report the usurper and to double check on the arrival time of your ordered help.

Get clarification

If there is any confusion or you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact your tow company.  They will be happy to resolve any issues.

Be careful about personal details

The tow company should not need too much information in order to help you.  If the driver seems to be too inquisitive, don’t release too much information for your own safety.

Check the bill first

Before hooking up the tow or placing your vehicle on a trailer, double check the charges.  When you order the service, the dispatcher should give you an idea of what the fee will be.  If the tow driver does not provide you with the proper information or is hesitant about your questions, then refuse the tow.  You can always contact the company for clarification.

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