Reasons people called roadside assistance in 2017

The year 2019 was pretty ordinary in regard to breakdowns and accidents.  It is a pretty good benchmark for the reasons people call for roadside assistance.  Here are some of the top causes of our Toronto Tow Callouts.

  • Battery Boosts

This is probably the leading cause of roadside assistance.  Most batteries have a lifespan of only three to five years.  Factors like cold climates and frequent short drives can contribute to the battery’s demise.  Starting in 2020 make annual service include a battery check.  Also, it is so easy to leave your car lights on which can drain even a new car battery.  With the short days and cold weather its no wonder why we get so many battery boosts and jump-start callouts.

  • Lockout / Car Locksmith

You know you should keep a spare key available if yours are lost, stolen, or misplaced…or left inside the vehicle.  Most roadside assistance companies can have you back into your vehicle quickly either using standard techniques or using an automotive locksmith. People in Toronto are so busy that we can understand why keys get locked inside vehicles so often.

  • Tires Service

Tire damage is difficult to prevent when you consider the number of potholes and the amount of debris found on the roads in Toronto.  Regular inspections of your tires will help identify a potential blow out on the road.  Proper inflation can help with improper wear on tires which can cause serious problems.

  • Tow To A Mechanic

Broken alternators, serpentine belts and water pumps can result in the battery not holding a charge or for the engine to cut out.  50% of the calls we get our customers needing a tow to a mechanic to have their higher mileage vehicle fixed and repaired.

  • Accident Towing

Accidents happen all the time, especially with 6 months of winter and snow on our roads.  The short days and early sunsets in winter increase the likelihood of getting in an accident.  Accident tows in Toronto represented about 1 out of every 5 towing calls we did in 2019.

So, with 2019 passed, what will be the biggest call out reason in 2020? Time will tell.  We expect to have an increase in Electric Vehicle Towing because of the increase in sales and movement towards green transportation.  We hope you had a great New Year and wish you all the best in 2020.  If you need a tow truck in Toronto this year please consider calling Towing Toronto at 647-812-1477